Sea of Galilee- Come Up Higher

The Lord has really been speaking to me the past few months about coming up higher. To ignore what I see in front of me and meditate on him and his promises. Rising above all that is around me to hear Him clearly and receive instructions for the future. When I saw this mountain next to the Sea of Galilee understanding this could be one of the sites Jesus retreated to leave the crowds of people and pray alone, I began to cry. I was standing in front of a picture that depicted what coming up higher really meant. I can't imagine how Jesus felt, having no one on earth who could relate to the life He led, no one had ever walked the path He would be walking and it had to be lonely. His only source of strength came from His mediation and prayer time with the Father. If Jesus had to make a conscious effort to come up higher, how much more should we?  
Matthew 14:23 3 "After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray."